Vector Illustration Projects

1. Habitat Illustrations

I taught myself Illustrator by creating this series. It was also a practice in developing a style, and maintaining style consistency within a series



2. MPS Artist in Residence Projects

In my spare time as a consultant at Duke's Multimedia Project Studio, my job as the sole Digital Artist in Residence was to create artwork representative of the work that can be produced from MPS lab. These 1950x1080 pieces are displayed on the digital signages across Duke's campus. Each piece originally contained a "Made in the MPS" logo on the corner to advertise our studio. This work was sketched out in pencil then created and color-corrected in Illustrator and Photoshop.


3. Character Design/Plushification Project

What began as a byproduct of fooling around on Photoshop quickly became one of my most in-demand commission listings. Since my first upload in August 2013, I have been commissioned by more than 50 clients for this product. The character designs are derived from character references or descriptions sent to me by my client. 

From this project I have learned to manipulate vector graphics, develop style consistency, and create a final product that incorporates a client's ideas with personal style touches. 

See more of these products on my deviantArt site here.